Adding art from Fur affinity. + IMVU Decison Reaction by backdrop12

I am about to add most of my art from the original titles , etc onto the Weasyl Page in the coming weeks . I am also planning on being alot more active on this site in the coming months.

Now on the IMVU purchase:

To me Fur Affinity made one the dumbest decisions in the history of the site and it is not because of the porn , it is about the ethics on the website and how they do business.

From experience , they follow from a " pay to play model ", they steal user data for advertisements / personal use , and they are ins support of adware / spyware ( that is when I first heard of them ).

From what I think , Dragoneer is taking this on face value and not thinking of the possible consequences of the actions of the site in which case is kinda sad. He is not really thinking of the fandom and more thinking on how to not run the site anymore and to earn cash from doing it .

Understand it is his business decision on the matter , but that is how I feel .

Now that my rant is over , Hope everyone enjoys their day =^_^=.

Adding art from Fur affinity. + IMVU Decison Reaction


19 March 2015 at 21:33:17 MDT

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