Guess I'll start posting here again by Amethyst

There looks to be another exodus from Furaffinity, due to the bizarre IMVU team up. While I'm not going to leave FA yet ( because nothing has happened yet) I'll be uploading art from my gallery to here. No rush, I'll upload in small bundles.

Guess I'll start posting here again


19 March 2015 at 16:00:12 MDT

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    After three exoduses yet I see peoples' galleries go silent as they ultimately decide to go back (or post on Tumblr) I'm a little cynical myself.

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      Eh, to be honest, Weasyl can be a bit... dead. Unless already have a lot of followers who are willing to join here, it's a bit pointless. Unfortunately, FA is big and good good for furry business.
      I've just uploaded some new stuff, so if I get faves and comments, great. If not, I might not bother. Users got to make the thing big, ya know.

      There were three exoduses?

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        "Hey! Weasyl is new."
        "Hey, FA Is down for more than two seconds."
        "Hey, Zaush is an admin."

        Yeah. Those are the three I remember... and after every one, half the people who said "This is my new main!" left their gallery alone for up to months at a time while their tumblr and FA pages all got updates. My favourite was when someone who "retreated" to Weasyl decided to just put things on Tumblr and made no effort to contact his commissioners. -.-; (Meaning I found it like... four months later getting ready to post him on Artists beware... and I had to dig through lots of pages because let's face it with no thumbnails browsing someone's gallery on Tumblr is a mess and it just boggles the mind how many people find it better to post things on.)

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          I've not really got an specifically furry work on Tumblr. I use Tumblr for personal blogging and as my professional portfolio - so no furry dick vore porn on there!

          Oh - and there was the one where a big name artist ( I forget who xD) left as they didn't like the handling of a stalker problem their friend had.

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            Actualy I think that stalker problem was here.

            Really, the reason I'd rather people post art on sites that were made with it in mind is just that you have can put more in one page with thumbnails and it doesn't force it to load all at once. xD Yeah... it's why I'm boggled you would choose Tumblr as your "main". Except then again everyone seems to have a Tumblr.

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              ... What's tumblr? Honestly ... I refuse to make an account there, I find that site retarded and I avoid it as an AIDS infected shithole ... unless it's art student owl. It's a blog site ... not an art site. How anyone uses it as such absolutely blows my gourd.

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                Tumblr feels like a jack of all trades but master of none. The Image sharing of Imgur, the art of deviantART, the fast pace of twitter.. and as a result, an absolute mess.

                It feels like that unless you only follow a few people (meaning you lose out on the whole idea of a community with a lot of art and people. :P ) that you can watch the site all day and still miss a lot of things.

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                I used tumblr to post porn and talk about my weird fetishes ;)

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    People will make a fuss, the alt sites will get a bit of traffic, then it will be like nothing ever happened! Unless IMVU really do destroy the site...has a furry community ever been bought out like this?

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      The only real thing is ads... but I just use AdBlock Plus anyway. And perhaps if they want to fuck about with the format in an unappealing way.