$10 Headshot Sketches - CLOSED by Idess

My popular $10 headshot sketches are once again open! Limited slots available!


They are sketched with pencils on smooth Bristol paper. You will receive a ~400px file of the sketch. You also have the option to pay an extra $3.50 to get it shipped to you in the US (+$8 Canada/overseas). Actual size of headshots that would be shipped are roughly 3x3". They will be shipped in a hard no-bend mailer.
Because of the low price and speed of the headshots, NO preliminary sketch will be sent for approval; once payment is received I will finish the art and send you the file. Some minor changes can be made if I really screwed up, but otherwise I do not offer revisions or re-draws ^^

Payment through Paypal or Dwolla only (You do not need a Dwolla account to send money through it).
Payment MUST be received within 24 hours!! Slot is forfeited if payment is not received in this time period.

Comment here WITH YOUR EMAIL if you want a slot, and I'll send you an email with a form for you to fill out, and where you can send the payment! Please make sure this is an email you check often; these are quick turnaround commissions!
Maximum 3 slots per person
I will not start until I receive payment

And to make this even BETTER, I'm promising your sketch will be done within one week after payment is received or it's free!

1. Malamutt (paid)
2. Sahara (paid)(ship)
3. ChewPeke (paid)(ship)
4. Tree-kangaroo (paid)(ship)
5. Tree-kangaroo (paid)(ship)
6. Tree-kangaroo (paid)(ship)
7. EdTheBorderCollie (paid)
8. EdTheBorderCollie (paid)
9. Faolan (paid)
10. WoofPurrma (paid)
11. WoofPurrma (paid)
12. Makks (paid)(ship)
13. FauxPas (paid)
14. TaernFastgrade (paid)
15. Wolf128 (FA) (paid)
16. Tsareia

If you're interested in other types of commissions, please keep an eye out for future journals!
Thanks everyone!

$10 Headshot Sketches - CLOSED


19 March 2015 at 14:10:40 MDT

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