Mental Update by Leon 13

So anyway, I'm not as Suicidal as I was during the last journal, but a lot of things are keeping me from sleeping at night, such as America getting conquered, me not possibly getting married and having children, and inheiriting my father's business.

But enough of that crap, a few minutes ago I was playing Halo 4 and I realized something important; I wasn't having fun. In fact, I rarely had fun with the Halo Games. So why do I play them? My guess is because everyone plays them online whereas no one plays my favorite games online anymore. So I'm thinking I might as well call it quits for Halo.

Also, does anyone know of a site or someplace similar where you can propose your video game ideas? I just enjoy writing data for my own video games and it would be cool to submit it somewhere and get it picked up.

Mental Update

Leon 13

17 March 2015 at 14:00:18 MDT

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