Signs of Life by justlikesoup

I tend to forget that neglecting to update journals can make an account look inactive, particularly when paired with submissions that are few and far between. I've never been any good at updating these sorts of things, it seems like whatever keeps me busy is either usual life fair that nobody wants to hear about, or more personal matters that I don't care to release into the void of the internet.

On the artistic front, I've been more active on deviantart than here, but only because I've been participating in a group on there; it gets me to draw more often than I otherwise would, and push myself in ways that I otherwise would neglect (Namely, in story telling and all the extra things that come from making comics). Unfortunately, in this particular group, there are strict deadlines that I just can't seem to meet. Not to my satisfaction, at least. I do end up posting the end results to DA, but I don't like sharing them around.

If you'd like to have a look, regardless, all images and comics relevant to the group can be found in This Folder.

Anything I make that is up to my personal standards does get posted here, so to whatever miscellaneous internet goers have chosen to follow me, fear not. More shall come, and yet more will follow.

Oh, and uh. I have nixed the doodle tag and made a Separate Tumblr for my artwork. There will be more doodles and unfinished sketches posted there than this gallery or deviantart.

Signs of Life


13 March 2015 at 18:39:13 MDT

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