ask.FM questions and VLOG responses? by Buck-Aye

Sometimes I get a bit overambitious, but I have an idea to kind of allow people to pick at my brain a bit.

As of lately, I've seen some furs create ask.FM accounts, where individuals anonymously can come and pass by to ask the specific account certain questions. It looks like quite the interesting idea, and I've considered to open one up.

Pretty much, I'd answer the general questions WHATEVER they are as part of it; then for questions that I believe would deserve a longer response, I'd be willing to make a short VLOG response while in partial suit.

Now my two big concerns about trying to get into this venture, is if it wouldn't garner as many responses as I'd like for it to have, or if I might end up breaching a neutrality policy by stating my honest opinions on things (however nicely they might be put) and shoot myself in the rear.

So what are your thoughts?

ask.FM questions and VLOG responses?


8 March 2015 at 21:50:02 MDT

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