Final sum for Hittehund (NFC2015 charity) revealed! by NordicFuzzCon

This year we were proud to have Hittehund as our charity at NordicFuzzCon 2015. Hittehund consists of a network of private people who volunteer their time to help dogs in need. Rather than having a dog shelter, they use their own homes or foster homes to take in dogs in need, such as strays. These unpaid volunteers make sure the dogs are healthy, happy and ready to get a new home.

Throughout the convention our generous attendees donated to help their cause in many different ways: Bidding at the live art auction, contributing at the charity concert and buying lottery tickets. In addition, we had fursuiters enthusiastically running around with donation boxes through the bulk of the convention, asking our attendees for money in the cutest way possible.

When we first counted the money, we arrived at an impressive 44 883 SEK, which we announced during the closing ceremony. Then after we recounted the money, arrived at the even more impressive sum of 49 000 SEK, which we announced on Twitter. Then after recounting it yet again, we arrived at the final, most impressive amount yet: 53 675 SEK!*

*(No, we're fairly sure the amount wouldn't magically increase if we were to recount it yet again.)

A big thank you to our attendees for showing just how generous furs can be when helping a good cause. Thank you to those who helped collect the money, those who donated items for the lottery and auction, those offering their time and talent to raise money; and most of all to all those who donated. Last, but not least a big thank you to the lovely ladies from Hittehund, for the difference they make in the lives of the many dogs. Thank you to you all!

To read an account of Hittehund's own personal experiences at NordicFuzzCon (available in both English and Swedish), go here:

Final sum for Hittehund (NFC2015 charity) revealed!


8 March 2015 at 13:53:30 MDT

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