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Paper Puppet Commissions OPEN! by Makeshiftstory

Alrighty! Apparently we have some Envelopes that can be used for this now lets get rolling on this fun deal! For an experiment I will be opening up for Paper Puppet (Or Shikigami golem) commissions! There will be only Four Slots in total, Three for the Mini Puppets and One for the big puppet! I will update this with the shipping fees soon once I get the chance to look it up. If you are interested in these commissions, please send me a note, I will be able to calculate the cost.

Mini Puppets: The base cost for the Mini puppets are $25 USD, additional $10 for extra limbs, finger jointing, complex clothing, or just complex design. These guys tend to be only a few inches in height (Varies but tends to be around in the four inch range) However if you have a specific size (Mind you it cannot exceed passed five inches) please say so in the note.

1. Azir

Standard Puppet: The Base cost for this puppet is $100 USD, additional $20 for extra limbs, super complex clothing/number of piercing passing ten, or complex accessories. As the name states, this is the size I love working with as I get to put in more details rather easily along with ranging in the one foot and passed a few inches (Like 1'1" for instant.). This is also the size you would want if you want jointed fingers, they are not an additional cost. If you want a specific size, please mention it in the note, size cannot exceed 16 inches. Note that if you do go for it, it will be done last as it is time consuming, the minis will be the first to be done.


Paper Puppet Commissions OPEN!


7 March 2015 at 19:14:59 MST

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