FurBQ is Coming Up....and we need your feedback! by socalfurs

It is that time again -- when we start thinking about fun in the sun, sharing food with friends and enjoying the day at Irvine Regional Park. Our event may be a month or two away (depending on our poll results), but this is about the time of year when we start thinking about dates and getting our initial resources together to provide what has been a great event for furries in Southern California.

Typically, FurBQ happens in May, before Califur. However, this year we have gotten some suggestions that April may also offer some great dates. As always, we know we wont please everyone but this is why we like to ask our local community so we might pick a date most can attend.

You can access our poll on our main website here: http://www.socalfurs.com

Voting ends on March 30th, so please start spreading the word about this poll to fellow SoCal furries.

FurBQ is Coming Up....and we need your feedback!


6 March 2015 at 10:44:41 MST

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