TABLET QUESTIONS by clubsofmeloncholy

So I'm going to upgrade to a new tablet at some point and was wondering what to upgrade to.

I was thinking something like a cintiq, I saw other non well known brand names selling them and was wondering if anyone had any input on tablets with screens on them? Other brand names and such.

Edit: So i'm looking on reviews for

Huion gt 190 and the

does anyone know about these?? Any reviews and such?



5 March 2015 at 18:43:19 MST

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    All I know that they are both expensive x3
    There I helped xD

    My friend owns a Huion(not sure if same model or not) She uses it for her cartoon illustrative work. She really enjoys it and says it was easy to figure out when she first got it. The tracking is good, there is no lag and the pressure sensitivity responds nicely too ^^ I know it has quite a few customizable features to it as well.

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      I'm pretty simple on what I want, so huion sounds pretty a okay.

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    My friend has had a Huion tablet before and they have warned me that despite the people who say its good and cheap, its really not that good and they ran into many problems with it, they and do not recommend it,

    ahhh and i tried looking for this particular tumblr post that i had were it went over the specifications of why its not that good but I cant' find it dangy

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      I haven't found bad reviews yet, and it seems more people know of huion rather than the other one I've mentioned.
      But I'm still trying to see if the negative reviews would cause me any issues.

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    I've got a Huion. It works well enough, and the tablet itself has a nice texture, but some programs have serious problems with it (I can't use FireAlpaca at all, but it's fine with SAI and MyPaint and probably Photoshop. What else do you need?) The fact that the pen requires a battery is kind of a pain in the ass, too, keep extras. There's also no eraser but who the hell erases on a computer anyway? It's got an undo button and that's like an eraser that's smarter than you are.

    That said, it was less than half the price of a real tablet at the same size, and it works, so I'm going to keep using it. You can get a Wacom for a similar price but it's going to be postage-stamp sized. Oh, another advantage? The usb plug is detachable. My cat ate my last tablet's USB cord so being able to replace it is a plus for me. So if you've got powercord-loving cats...

    For the record, I have a Turcom TS-6610. It's just another name for the Huion H610. I dunno why they have so many names.

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      I really only use sai or ps so I imagine that'd be no issue for me. -u-
      thank you very much I appreciate the help!