Life Update and Commissions (closed)! by PunkJax

Hey guys. Design job search has turned up nil and if this keeps up for another month or so, I'm likely to search for a retail job. That being said, having no income means that I personally have to raise the money for things I have planned this year. Right now includes all expenses for Anthrocon and a better microphone for the Youtube show I'm doing in my free time (it's called Review Cats).

This being said, I'm opening commissions. Right now I'm opening 5 slots for either Smash Badges as listed here: or general Waist-up artwork of a character.

The prices are as listed:
Enters the Battle — $35
Wii U Smash — $25
8-Player Smash — $22
3DS Smash Tag — $15
Waist-up Cel-shaded Commission — $20


If you'd like a slot, leave a comment here on what you'd want and I'll note you a form that makes things easier for me. Thanks!

NOTE: PRINTING AND SHIPPING CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE but let me know if you're interested in having it printed/shipped and I'll contact you when shipping is back. Likewise, let me know if you're planning to go to Anthrocon and would like to receive it there!

Life Update and Commissions (closed)!


3 March 2015 at 10:22:34 MST

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