TFF Recap by Idess

I had a great time at TFF!
Sales were wonderful and there were so many nice customers and people stopping by my table! I am really impressed with the organization of the entire con and staff; there were no real issues with my setup or time at TFF which is pretty rare; everything went really smooth! I can't recall many other cons where the dealers registration, setup, etc were all so easy.
The only complaint I have was the con having the Dance Competition during Sunday afternoon (The dealers' final selling hours, so the place was empty), which also caused the floating wall between the Den and the Main Stage to become a giant speaker and reverberate bass throughout the entire den. It gave me an instant headache and was not very fun at all. I don't see how necessary it was to have the music/bass so loud for the dance competition. However, that was really the only issue and the staff is aware of it so hopefully they can work on scheduling better next year :)

Huge thanks to my friend LauraGarabedian LauraGarabedian who is the one who gave me the opportunity to attend TFF for the first time this year and was a wonderful host to me the entire week! She was also announced as the TFF Guest of Honor for next year so SUPER excited for her and make sure to go check out her work and watch her if you haven't already!

I also wanted to thank all the super kind people, such as Fuzzwolf and Teiran of Furplanet, and Bouson (sp?) from staff who were all SO kind in offering various options and help with trying to get me to the airport during the storm. Even though I ended up taking a taxi, the fact that multiple people took the time and stepped forward to offer their help/expertise/couch to little me just warms my heart. Thank you guys!

TFF was so wonderful I really want to come back again :) I can't say for sure that I will be attending next year but with how this year went I think I am going to do my best to make it work. Thank you to everyone who stopped by my table and said kind words and/or bought something!!

TFF Recap


25 February 2015 at 09:04:59 MST

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    I'll have t congratulate her on getting the Guest of Jonor slot for next year! I love her art! :)

    Glad you had fun~!

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      Yes definitely! She really deserves it, with the theme of Bayou Nights I can't wait to see what amazing art she comes up with :D

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        I still have a print (her Library Dragon) on my desk at work, which I bought at FC a couple years ago...because I work in a Library! I bet it will be exciting!

        I see my phone's auto-correct is making up funny words again! I should always proofread on my phone! lol

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    It was nice to meet you, even if it was just a quick hello at your table.

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      Thanks so much! I appreciate the visit for sure and hope to see you again sometime in the future, too! n.n