Amazon Ahoy! by Dreamkeepers

Dreamkeepers graphic novels are now officially available through Amazon!

Available at the speed of Amazon to anyone, anywhere. (Hint- that's way faster than me.)

Some people may have been hesitant to purchase from a personal website using paypal buttons, which is understandable. I recall buying software from a site, waiting interminably for the download link, only to discover the site was defunct and the owners forgot to remove the purchase buttons. (Now I'll never find out how much money that Nigerian prince was trying to send.)

Hopefully making our books available through Amazon can cut through such concerns- so if you (or your parents) were waiting for Dreamkeepers to be available from a more reliable outlet, voila!

In addition to faster delivery, a lot of people shop on Amazon. It's like a titanic virtual mall. And 99.999% of those people have never heard of us- but maybe now they will.

If you already have copies of Dreamkeepers, help us out with feedback and reviews on our Amazon listings! Potential readers are increasingly sophisticated, and want to avoid products with a slick presentation and no substance. Customer reviews are increasingly what they turn to when making a choice- so let them know what to expect.

Volume 4 progress continues- but all I can do is make the book. Whether it's successful is up to the Dreamkeepers readership- and I think you guys are going to make some waves.

Amazon Ahoy!


24 February 2015 at 11:02:45 MST

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