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Sketch Stream Tonight! by ClockworkCreature

Tune in to our stream and chat page ( at 7PM EST to check it out!

This is short notice, I realize, but we’re snowed in today and I figured it might be nice to do a sketch commission stream this evening! I have been meaning to do one again soon anyhow.

Once again, here’s how it will work:

Sketches will be $20 for 30 minutes. (additional tips are welcome!)
I will also be offering speedpaints tonight! Speedpaints are $40 for one hour, $60 for 1.5 hours. I’m still a little new to these, so I’ll do my best with the time and consistency. (additional tips are welcome!)
Commissions will be taken one at a time based on active interest, by lottery. So when I am ready to start a new drawing, I will take the names of everyone who is interested, and draw a random name.
If you are interested in participating:

Please have your payment ready to send to
Be ready with your idea, and have a link to your concept art if you have a character you want me to draw.
I WILL NOT be doing design work - I don’t want to do a lot of back-and-forth idea exchange with a bunch of changes. Ideally, you give me a character or other simple prompt to draw , and I pick the rest - pose, composition, etc. I really want artistic liberty with these.

Sketch Stream Tonight!


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    I'd love to see a sketchy of your interpretation of OG! I'll be there :D