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I am in danger, must move out. Please read. by KingBuffalo

If you or anyone else you know lives in the DMV area (DC, Maryland and Virginia), please read.

I'm having a really bad living issue with my mom and her guy friend, along with his two sons, and I need someplace to stay for a while until I can buy certain documents to get my state ID.

If there is a portion of rent that has to be paid, I can do my best through my current job at Family Dollar, and commissions. In terms of eating, don't worry about that. I will starve if it means I can get away from this hell.

Again, If you live anywhere within the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area and have any space for a black, 19-year old male, please comment or note me. Extra details can be discussed through notes or IMs upon interest.

Thank you. And, if you can, please spread the word. Whether it's through journals, or mentioning to friends...I just need help. Badly.

Really. Really badly.

I am in danger, must move out. Please read.


21 February 2015 at 10:07:32 MST

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    I'll do what I can

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    threw a journal up for ya, suck to hear you are going through this and hope everything turns out alright

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    Posted a journal for you

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    That's terrible to hear, mate. If we had our place sooner and if you were in FL I would love to give a hand.
    I hope you get out of there soon. :/

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    I hope you can get out of there asap. I know that things get really difficult especially when its because of your mother and her guy friend. I'll see what I can do for you.

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    Sorry bro >.< I live in Texas