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Hobby update by Iridium

Well, it's been a busy weekend and week for me hobby-wise, for a change!

I built my Raven Guard Venerable Dreadnought finally. I also experimented with magnetizing the arms, since dreadnoughts have such a wide range of weapons available to them. I got a Mk IV power fist, a Mk IV assault cannon, and a Mk IV plasma cannon. The magnetization went well enough, though the magnets I used are a little big. If I do another dread (such as the contemptor I have waiting in pieces), I think I'll go for smaller magnets. Anyway, somehow the beak of the raven skull in the center chest plate got broke. :( I'll try to make it look like battle damage. I know dreads aren't great in 6th/7th edition (and I just had a deff dread get blown away turn 1 by dark space elves on Thursday :( ), but still, it's a Raven Guard Venerable Dreadnought!

I also built my Relic Deimos Predator Executioner. And I have a lot to learn (like patience!) on working with Forge World resin. I built the heavy bolter sponsons, and the first one I built and attached rotated just fine. I tested it. I went to work on the other one and when I went to check the first one, it was glued in place. :( I tried to work it loose, but all that got me was the sponson snapping off (at the glue) at a different place. Oh well, at least it is pointed in a good direction. I also managed to glue two of the exhausts at an angle, and the executioner gun barrel itself angles down (I think the resin is bent a little bit). Regardless of all that, it looks great, and I can not wait to use a 3 shot plasma cannon that does not Get Hot!. :D

Then tonight, because I hadn't done any in a while and it was on my mind, I built a Gothic-class Imperial cruiser for Battlefleet Gothic. I had good experience with the green stuff when working on the dreadnought (besides the magnets, the join of the upper and lower torsos required some help too), so I think I'll work on the Vengeance-class Imperial Grand Cruiser I've had sitting around for a while as well. It's been far, far too cold to paint (it was 2 degrees this morning, and how I wish I was talking about Celsius!), so I'm on a building spree. I am remembering that I enjoy building (mostly), so I am going to try to get some more stuff put together. Starting with the grand cruiser.

In other hobby news, I've gotten quite a few games of 40k in, using both my Raven Guard and my orks. One of these days I'll actually build and paint something Orky, instead of yoinking stuff off Ebay. :D

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    Ooh. Those grand cruisers are a glorious sight in an Imperial fleet. They've got a stately presence. I was actually just planning to harass you about hobby updates; this covers everything! Glad to hear you're having a good time of it. :3

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      I just spent a while drilling little holes/divots in the join areas of the Vengeance, with the idea that the green stuff I use to put the thing together will go into them and have more surface area to bond. I am hoping that will give the model some strength and not fall apart on me. If it works, I have a Chaos BB that I'll try it on too. Now I just have to wait for the green stuff to cure, the main body of the Vengeance is put together (nose, upper keel, lower keel, lower rear, upper rear, flying base). I am hoping that the rest will be easier. :)