Alright; here's whats happening. by Zenuel

You know how I say I've got a lot goin' on? Gee I'm so busy, blah blah blah. All the gawd damn time?

To make absolutely certain I'm not betraying my promises I'm going to lay down a list of all the things I've got in motion, just so I can apologize in advance because man am I exhausted; please understand I guarantee all of these things are going to be finished, some even this year, if you're following my Patreon it's an ENORMOUS help and I'm incredibly honoured to have you. <3

Level 1--

× There's a new(good) album happening, yaaay

× Anubis for VA:

Level 2--

× Anubis (Female & Updates) for VA:

× Patreon up-to-date-ness:

Level 3--

× In Between PC / Vita:

× Neko Space Race PC: (About a jillion-year-old video development wise)

× And finally trying to find a job; hobbies are not cutting it.


Yeesh; so please when I apologize for my absence or slowing of content I want desperately for everyone to know I'm doing my best and not to worry, if you're involved in any of the above things, it's happening! :D

Alright; here's whats happening.


16 February 2015 at 06:14:09 MST

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    As someone who is also trying to do about 50 more things than is physically possible in one day, I totally understand! I hope you're able to keep making bits of progress, and I look forward to see your works completed as time goes on. Just remember that even a little progress is still amazing progress.

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      Oh absolutely! It's one of those things that's really hard to convay progress on, and I feel terrible for the slowness of the updates; speaking of I continue to be amazed at your own progress! :D

      Thanks again so much haha, you're super supportive and it really helps me out!

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        You're welcome ^^ Your stuff is really fun and interesting to me, so I just love seeing more of it. I've been working on comic stuff for ages and have nothing tangible to show myself, so I know how sucky it can feel ;u; But support from viewers is like the most powerful motivator, so I try to be outspoken about those things when I can!

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          Aww thank you so much! I've been super tempted to add to your workload by commissioning you >w>

          Support is absolutely the most powerful, you've been one of the few commenters here and Patreon hah, it lets me know I'm not talking to myself hah.

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            XD Yeah, even accounts with a ton of patrons get like... 2 comments. I don't know why people aren't jumping on the chance to talk to someone they're giving money to. It's just weird to me!

            If you ever did commission me, I would be hella excited to make some kind of useable art for your music, oh man. Like if you wanted a one-time cover or a banner or what have you. I've always loved how snazzy your bandcamp page looks with all the purples and the cool jackets and the glasses.

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              Haha seriously!

              And oh my goodness a banner, oooooh man you can help with one of my album arts- okay okay I'm going to note you XD