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Prosopagnosia by AidanCAL

Hey, so this is a thing I've been discovering about myself for the past few months, but I'm pretty damn sure I have a mild case of face blindness. I've spent my entire life training myself in ways to hide it, I was seriously worried and embarrassed about it all the time. But now I know it's a real thing, and I don't have to be completely unable to recognize myself or family members to still have it, and while there's no actual treatments, it's a huge comfort to know this is a thing.
So I guess I should also state I'm sorry about everytime I acted like I didn't recognize some of you at a convention or the like, I actually genuinely did not know who you were, and it's not your fault.



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    I've often wondered if I have some mild form of it too. I generally have to remember people by their hair, makeup, and how they dress. I can memorize features and will recognize my close friends but it can take a lot of work to catalogue and remember new faces.

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      I'm very similar. I can eventually memorize faces, but that is never my go to for recognition and there are people I've worked with for over a year and I still can't tell them apart reliably, just because they fit too many of the same categories.