Introducing: the party wing! by NordicFuzzCon

Cowabunga, party furs! Did you know we have a party wing this year?

This is an offer for those furs who like to be a bit louder, who have a higher toleration for noise, who want to be closer to the disco, and who might be planning on throwing a room party or three. That's not to say it's okay to blast Dr. Bombay's hit song "Calcutta" on your sweet tape deck all through the night, though you will be less likely to get noise complaints from neighbouring rooms. But if you're asked to keep it down, you should be respectful and try to oblige.

To sign up for the party wing, first log into your account on the NordicFuzzCon website. Then go to View Booking, then further into Additional Information. Then check off the box for "I am interested in staying in the party wing" and press "submit changes", and you'll be on the train to awesome town! If you are rooming with someone, both you and your room mate must have the party wing selected to be eligible for inclusion. It must also be noted that we cannot guarantee that you will be placed in the party wing; there may be more party goers than available rooms.

If you wish to join the party wing you must update your booking no later than Sunday, February 15th. After which you will be unable to join said party wing (or make any other changes to your booking, including room shares and badge uploads). Being fashionably late is usually cool, but in this case it's way out of style.

Catch you on the fuzzy side!

Introducing: the party wing!


11 February 2015 at 07:02:25 MST

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