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Weekly Art Planner by Chardra

Okay, some hard discipline is needed for me to start drawing again! In order to do this, I devised a strict planner to kickstart my art production exponentially! In the event I am unable to submit art on time, I will finish the best I can, but it will be put in scraps until it can be improved.

Monday: MADNESS!
How it works: I take random pictures of the previous week and mix and match some elements to create chaos! This could also be the day I could work on secret commissions or art trades.

Tuesday: News Bulletin Day
How it works: Boring stuff on a boring day. On this day I will post a journal detailing stuff I did, stuff I am planning to do, and any long term projects in progress. I may also advertise an artist, a submission or a notable character 'sona.

Wednesday: Charmander and Dragon arts
How it works: I will either draw a Charmander or its evolution, or a Dragon Pokémon.... or both! This is actually a commemoration of the day of the week that I was born and so I will definitely try my hardest on that day.

Thursday: PUH-rivate!
How it works: I draw adult art. Adult art gets posted on that day. Does not necessarily have to be of Charmanders, but a good number of adult art will center around this species.

Friday: Fanbase Zone!
How it works: This day is for the fans! Every Friday I am going to post a picture that a fan requested the Friday before, and the fan request will be chosen randomly and drawn, submitted on Friday then receiving requests in the comments section.

How it works: I will grab a random sweet drink (2L) from the local 7-Eleven store, and while high on sugar draw the summary of the week's events..... in sugarhigh language!

Sunday: sugarcrushsunday....
How it works: Consider that an off day without arting after crashing so hard from sugar loss - the best way to reach him is via IM or notes. Secret commissions or art trades can happen here

Weekly Art Planner


10 February 2015 at 04:52:36 MST

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