One Request Slot Open (Top of Shoulders Up) by Silent Cicada

Slight shading with transparent background and black lines made with pencil. It'd look like this, maybe with slightly higher quality:

No fan art, fan characters, or real people that aren't you. Original characters only. Visual reference necessary, preferably with color or color description.

Expected finish time would be one to five days. If lucky, it'll be done the day I accept the request. I reserve the right to deny requests for any or no reason. First come, first serve.

Willing to draw humans, furries, blood, gore, BDSM gear, horror themes, and characters who are a gender or sexuality minority.

Reposts allowed on sites outside Weasyl, and you'd receive a collection offer.

One Request Slot Open (Top of Shoulders Up)

Silent Cicada

7 February 2015 at 01:35:11 MST

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    I'll take one, if not too much trouble! :D

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      I was planning on doing one for you anyway, since I think I could have done a better job on the last thing I sent. I'll let you know when I start it!

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    I would love to see my character Morgan done. I've yet to find pre-drawn line-art that gets her hair exactly as I'd like. (Kind of the female short/spiky hair, in the ones I find the hair is either long or flat.), and a witch'es hat on it, only instead of the classic buckle I'd love a pentacle on her. I have a visual ref sheet of her, and the "splotches" are somewhat randomly applied.

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      Alright, I'll need that visual reference for your character. Also, if you could find a photo of the kind of hair you want, that'd be great. Doesn't have to be line art, I can work off a photo. Maybe you can find something similar here or here? As for the pentacle, would you like that traditional, inverted, or The Sigil of Baphomet?

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        Traditional pentacle please, and if you could keep her ears showing through the hat that'd be awesome by either making it like a "mini-hat" or having her ears poke up through the front. Whichever works ^,^
        For hair, I know I said kind of spiky, but as I was looking through short hair I feel in love with This Image. I've always had a thing for wild hair, and curly hair, and this puts them together beautifully.
        This is the ref I have of her. The torty pattern can be random, and the marks on her face can be altered a little if the outcome is more aesthetically pleasing. When i did her face I was trying to go for one of those torties with a lot of orange/yellow mugging the face in a beautifully ugly way LOL.

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          I'm new to trying out curly hair, so this'll be a fun experiment. You'll be notified when the lines are done so I can make edits. After that, I'll get to color and shade!