Hey everybody! How are you? by Reisfuchs

Haven't done a journal in quite some time! How are you? How has your year been so far?

I must say that I am at a pretty good place right now. Life is steady, nothing to get a headache about. Depression is lingering about but have gotten over the last suicidal streak pretty well! Want to draw more, maybe I should do some commissions again?

Also wanted to tell everybody: I love the Weasyl community! You are all such great people, I feel so very home on this website! So many great artists and everybody seems to be extremely nice. Haven't had any drama or arguments or anything here yet. Same kinda goes for tumblr too, foud some very nice people there. But it doesn't have this kind of closeness as I feel Weasyl has.

Which art community do you feel most comfortable in? Where did your journey start?

Y'all mean very much to me! Thank you for following me, looking at my art, comments and favourites~ I appreciate every single one of you <3

Hey everybody! How are you?


5 February 2015 at 06:13:07 MST

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    I am currently exhausted and melancholy, but such is life!
    I'm glad you're doing much better however, I know how difficult it is to struggle with some of that stuff.
    Currently I feel most at home here at weasyl, but its also subsequently the only art site I'm on anymore. I originally started on Sheezyart (well, actually, I /started/ on elfwood, but they said my art wasn't high enough quality so I couldn't ever post things) and I miss the SA community badly. Wish there was a way it could come back, but even if it did, I bet it wouldn't be the same as I remember.
    And I appreciate you as well

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      hugs Well, I hope you will feel better soon as well! :)
      It's always a shame when online communities dissolve. I know that back in the day, I was RPing a lot, that there were some of the most amazing people on the internet. Everything was way less hateful, less drama and such I feel like. So yeah, those times are over and that kind of community isn't going to come back, so we have to make the best of it.

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        hugs back Thank you, I hope so too
        Ahhhh yeah... I used to be on some RP servers too, though mostly on WoW, back before WoW got ruined as well lol

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    Geht so, Stress auf Arbeit, suche auch noch nach ner passenden Wohnung. Freut mich aber sehr dass es dir gut geht. ^^

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      Ja, Arbeitstechnisch ist auch bei uns viel los muss ich sagen. Ist ja super wenn das Geschäft läuft, aber es ist auch manchmal einfach zu viel. Aber toi toi toi, wir haben Arbeit! :) Dann drück ich dir mal ganz dolle die Daumen bei der Wohnungssuche! dich ganz dolle knuddelt

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    I'm pretty good. I've been working on this massive art doll for the past month and I'm almost done.

    I guess I feel most comfortable on tumblr as of lately, it's where most of my friends are active but also a lot of things about it bother me. I started out on DA and SheezyartZA

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      Hell, why haven't I been watching you before? OwO Your art is amazing! That "Dream Monster" is such a cutie :D Wow~
      I must admit that I have never really heard of SheezyArt, just very few times. I started out on dA more or less, but that community went downhill I think :c Which is unfortunate, I really liked it there. And on tumblr, man, I can't even send messages, they never arrive :c

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        thanks :D
        yeah, tumblr's really picky with messages, like there's some things you can't have in them otherwise they won't go through, which is weird.

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    Good to hear you're doing well!

    I'm experiencing some strange variation of winter depression myself, featuring extra bouts of anger. :D Despite that, it's shaping up to hopefully be a damn good year. We'll see. I'll be happy when the warm weather comes and I can spend more time outside.

    I mostly feel comfortable on Tumblr, since it's where I see the most activity. Or any activity, really. I tend to gravitate to places where I get lots of interaction, and since I can be active and share stuff without having to create things myself on Tumblr, more happens there. Not that it's a perfect place, but still.

    I started on DeviantArt, but I haven't touched it in years. I mostly stick to Weasyl, FA and SoFurry (for different things) these days, just so I'm not stuck to one place. It's usually just to pop in and check my messages, post something if I have it. Not a lot of people interested in my stuff. xD

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      Hell yes, I can't wait for spring to really set in either. We've been pretty lucky here in the midst of germany. Barely any snow, no ice on the streets. It's very bearable right now. But I really need some sun too, can't wait for it!
      It's hard to get exposure and activity these days. It's very easy to put stuff out there and share it with everybody, but the sheer mass of content these days just allows for few people to get the attention they deserve. I have like, 20 followers or so on tumblr? xD It's not even worth mentioning, but I don't mind it much. As you say, having an active dashboard and people to interact with is a little easier there, since it's not neccessary for you to create your own content. I like that too!
      I started on dA as well, more or less. Was on a german art-site before, but their interface sucks so much, as soon as I got wind of dA, I sailed xD And I started with furry artwork there, I loved the community back then. But that went preeeeetty downhill hahah :c
      Well, I will keep my fingers crossed for you that your mood lightens <3 throws some sunshine your way To a wonderful 2015!!! ^^