February is off to a crazy start! by LadyDucky

Sweet zombie jesus, here we go!

crookedwolf crookedwolf and I are looking at places to move in together starting this week :D We'll be picking up apps and checking places out around Northern California, though no city in particular. We just want a nice house that's quiet with lots of light to make into our own little art nerd haven :3

While this is going on I'll be working on finishing up commissions and getting those mailed out asap. I have quite the list right now, so your patience is much appreciated while I work as quickly as I can :)

I'm also working on joining more sites right now, such as Inkbunny and Patreon. There's so much to do with editing profiles, uploading work, taking videos, and all the other misc stuff that comes with starting a new profile somewhere. I'll post on here once everything is going, but especially once my Patreon is all set up. I'm really excited to get that one going :D I'll also be taking out ad space here on FA in the near future once I figure out what ads I want to have.

I've also got a new streaming place, Picarto! I'm going to start streaming regularly, at least one day a week for sure, with the rest of the days being whatever I feel like. At the moment I'm still working out what day and time is best to make my regular time, so I'll be experimenting with that a bit this month. Once I have an established schedule, I'll post that on my profile.

Right now my life is pretty much moving and commissions XD If you follow me on Twitter, that's where I'll be posting most of my little updates about the move, art WIPs, and other misc things while all this is going on :3

Thank you all for your support while I go through my first big move and start kicking ass! :D

February is off to a crazy start!


2 February 2015 at 22:45:31 MST

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