LAST CHANCE for Furry Fiesta Badge Pre-Orders! by Idess

I will be closing for these pre-orders this coming Friday! I still have quite a few slots left open, so please get one now before the time runs out!
If you plan to try and get a badge at the con I would ask you to reconsider! Badges at the con are not only $5 more, I also take such a small amount that only about 5 people out of the entire convention are able to get one. You don't even know how many people come to my table during the day and express disappointment that my badges are closed! I just tell everyone "You should've pre-ordered!" ;)

Submission example:

Prices and Examples:
Digital Bust - $40 -
Traditional Bust - $45
Digital Full Body (Feral only) - $45 - (at bottom) (at bottom) (bottom row)
Traditional Full Body (Feral only) - $50 -
MLP Badge - $25 - (at bottom)

These badges are for PICK UP AT TFF ONLY. I am NOT shipping badges!
All badges will be finished by the Friday of the con and be ready for pickup any time at the con from my table in the Dealers Den!
All badges are laminated and come with a badge clip. Traditional badges are done in marker and colored pencil and digital badges are printed on glossy paper before lamination.

To claim a spot and order a badge, please fill out this Form!!

These will be open until all slots are filled OR until February 6th (whatever comes first). If the slots are not full by the 6th pre-orders will still close.

LAST CHANCE for Furry Fiesta Badge Pre-Orders!


2 February 2015 at 10:25:43 MST

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