I have some pretty cool dreams at times by savageshark

Changing up a bit from the last post.

So I get some pretty awesome dreams at times. They are so real it's like I'm living a part of the story I tell. Sometimes I even take on the role of my characters.

Like last night, I took on the role of a character i'm writing for a story. He's forced to fight in a war along side people who would be xenophobic if they ever found out what he was. I'm climbing up a stone wall, hand over hand with other drafted and enlisted soldiers. I remember the enemy threw grenades down at us to throw us off. Like mini flak. I remember one coming towards me and jumping, with inhuman strength, out of the way. Even throwing a grenade of my own up to the overlook.

After that I climbed my way up and managed to super jump over a barricade of iron tank traps and barb wire.

Somehow it then jumped to a scene where our army is about to strike a key facility. I remember we were all inside a helicopter of sorts, big enough for eight people. We all hooked up and went down our lines to the ground.

The experience was amazing. I could feel the cold air against me and my feet hitting the floor as i landed.

Though I do get annoyed with my dreams when it comes to fighting. Like if I'm supposed to have a gun, it turns out I don't. Then somehow if I make the bang bang sounds it should work? I even end up arguing with the dream "HEY I'm supposed to have a gun here! WTF?" Even if I do have a gun and it hits, it doesn't work.

I have some pretty cool dreams at times


1 February 2015 at 19:51:03 MST

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