Thank you and hello! by Caelan

Wow, thanks so much to the recent bunch of followers! And especially to Home for featuring me in their journal. I know it is not a lot compared to some, but I am humbled by the response anyway! Of all the gallery sites I have been on online, I think Weasyl might be my favorite of recent years (well, I'm not new to the site, but have been more socially active lately), and I hope to continue becoming more a part of the community here as things go along.

Additionally, thanks for the warm reception on my recent plein air pieces! I was hesitant to post them because I am not confident in my skill there yet and they feel unrefined to me, but the encouragement via comments and faves is making me more excited about the process. And after thinking about it some, I've decided that I should keep posting them even if I'm not totally pleased, because I think that showing progression is more important than showing perfection. Maybe after I have done a few dozen of them I will put together a progress post sort of a thing?

At any rate, more art besides that is coming! It just takes me a lot longer to complete, of course. But I should have a painting done tomorrow that a friend commissioned me for and that has been quite fun to work on.

Thank you and hello!


29 January 2015 at 21:02:09 MST

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    Weasyl has made me feel more welcome in the art community since I joined. The people have proven to be very generous and sensible. I get more actual help here than I do from any other art community that I've been a part of. When I first joined Weasyl I felt extremely uneasy but a good friend talked me into it and I'm extremely happy that she did.

    I love your work. It's exceptionally beautiful. Keep it up, I look forward to seeing more art from you and hope I can commission you for some in the future.

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      I'm glad others have had the same experience! The only art site that Weasyl really reminds me of is the short-lived ArtSpots, though that was sort of a thing to it's own. But yeah, the friendly, receptive attitude around here is great. Not to mention the interface is so much less clunky or over-cluttered as compared to other sites!

      Ahh, why thank you for the kind comment! I'm honored you think so and I'd love to do some work for you some day :)

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        I hope some day I can commission you. Your work is gorgeous.

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    That's awesome! Congrats on the feature :) I've been on a lot of sites too, and I like the community here at Weasyl best. I appreciate dA too, but it's so big I get lost in it these days.

    Looking forward to your new art.

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      Yes, I've tried to dip my toe back into DA a bit, but it's so over-bloated... and it's strange because you will get people responding strongly through faves and comments if you submit pieces to groups, but then zero watchers? I don't get it. It seems next to impossible to gain traction on that site. Anyway! Yes, definitely happier with Weasyl, even if the traffic is lower.

      Thank you! I am excited for the coming months :)