Open for Commissions & other stuff by Shiko-Yote

Herro everybody.

Just wanted to poke out again that I am still open for commissions. Sure I still have e few commisisons left to finish but I am close to that too. So if you have interesst in getting something from me, feel free to shoot me a PM.

Also I was curious, do you have interesst in Pre-Pose Auctions and / or Adoptables from me? Cause I am playing with the thought of doing some and I also have some neat poses left, too~

If you need to see my prizes please check HERE

Open for Commissions & other stuff


28 January 2015 at 06:54:25 MST

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    Zwar bin ich selber momentan (wieder mal) nicht wirklich aktiv hier, aber ich wollt trotzdem mal vorsichtig anfragen wies denn mit deinem part unseres arttrades ausschaut?
    Aber kein Druck. Commissions haben natürlich nach wie vor priorität =)

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      geht etwas träge vorran aber hier hast du nen kleines WIP kannst es mich ja gern mal wissen lassen wie du es bisher findest. ich arbeite immer mal wieder zwischen den Comms dran~

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    Pre-pose auction would be nice to see from you!
    You always have nice poses so I'd like to see that~

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    Bin weniger an pre-pose auctions interessiert. Aber commissions, immer gerne :D