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Last summer, we at SoCalFurs got word of a change to our Fall FurBQ event.  During that summer, Leotigers (the organizer for the event) found himself with new employment opportunities.  However, this meant that, come fall, Leotigers would be packing up a moving van and heading to Colorado.For many who enjoyed the our Fall FurBQ last year, admittedly this news was a disappointment.

In the meantime, he attempted to find someone to organize the Fall FurBQ in his place.  Sadly, this was just not possible and so, after a 2 year run, the events of 2014 meant no Fall FurBQ.  However, I can now say in 2015, that we have an update for you. Here it is, straight from Leotigers himself:

First, I would like to thank everyone who attended the Fall FurBQ the past to years and made it a tremendous success! As I posted several months ago, I moved out of the state and am no longer able to organize this event.

However, I am pleased to announce that two local furs have volunteered to pick up the mantle to continue the tradition:


Please direct further questions regarding the Fall FurBQ to them. I wish them the best of luck and hope everyone will continue to contribute to this wonderful furry outing!

Best regards,
Leo Fenris

As those who have attended the FurBQ (the main one that happens in May) can attest, this kind of thing is no easy task. The more paws on deck that organizers have, the better the event can be.  I have talked to Croc on Twitter in the last few weeks and I think we got some people eager to get this event kicked off.  They have got a few people lined up to be cooks and are considering many options for our food supply (although, they tell me that this will be a pot luck event).  I encourage any people interested in making 2015's Fall FurBQ into a great complementary bbq for the fall, to please get in contact with these guys.

Welcome to the insanity, Croc & Arch!

Info on Fall FurBQ


27 January 2015 at 19:31:29 MST

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