Store is now OPEN! Blanks! Pre-Made Sale! Discounts! by Feyala


For those of you who have wanted to buy blanks, customs, or any of the pre-made pendants I've been posting, you are in luck! I've opened up a Square Marketplace store, check it out!

To celebrate my grand opening, I've discounted all of my pre-made pendants by $5, so they're all $20. Super cheap! I've also got a discount of $5 off purchases of $50 or more with coupon code FIVE that you can also take advantage of!

Additionally, I'm offering an experimental new commission type - On Demand Pendants. For the price of a normal pre-made you can get a fox or wolf with an eye color and pendant length that you specify! These are for people who just want a generic coloration and don't need specific markings. If there is interest I can expand this to other animals (coyotes? otters?) later on.

All of the prices listed include free domestic shipping. International customers, please make sure you add "First Class International Shipping" to your cart, and make sure you read my shipping policies first!

Why Square Market? At 2.75% flat charge per sale and no up front fees, it's the most economical option for me as an artist who sells a lot of unique, individual items. The seller fees on Etsy were eating me alive for my items with a slow turnover, they charge a higher percentage on sales and a per-listing recurring fee, with Paypal fees as the icing on top. I might add some things back to Etsy eventually, and if you cannot use anything but Paypal, contact me and we'll work something out! :)

Any feedback is welcome! I'm totally new to Square Market. I'll be adding more stuff to the store over time (including all my blanks and commission types!). Is there anything you'd like to see? Questions? Concerns? Please let me know!

Store is now OPEN! Blanks! Pre-Made Sale! Discounts!


26 January 2015 at 20:45:34 MST

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