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Sweet zombie jesus, I haven't updated here properly in AGES X_x

I have been mega fucking busy, and thus a lot of my sites have gone quiet, or just had quick updates here and there. I'm finally on a self-appointed vacation after wrapping up Further Confusion the other weekend.

Things have been going wonderfully on many levels. I finished and printed my collaborative book with one of my BFFs, which we debuted in November, and now I take with me to cons as well. It came out AWESOME and it's so cool to see our hard work made into something tangible.

FC was a fantastic con for me, both financially and socially. I met SO MANY wonderful people, sold out of things, ran out of business cards, and was so swamped I actually had to close at-con commissions on Saturday, something I've never had to do before. My boyfriend was there to help and support me, and without him, I think I would have died XD We both had work in the conbook, AND he did the cover for the conbook :D We also each had panels in the art show, and we each sold something. Both of us got lots of good feedback, and I am just thrilled for both of us.

I can't believe people are starting to know who I am, it's so fucking exciting XD I had some people who knew me from Twitter, some from FA, and previous clients come by to tell me how much they loved what I did for them and to see my latest work :) Even people who remembered me from last FC :D

All the stress was COMPLETELY worth it. This was one of the best cons I've had in a while, and it solidified I AM doing the right thing with my life. What a phenominal way to start the year.

My next cons will be BLFC in Reno, NV and Califur in Irvine, CA this summer. Those are my only other two planned cons at this point, besides any other small things I can manage throughout the year. While I'm not at cons, I'll be working on getting my business further off the ground, working on some personal art, and kicking ass :D

Lots of things are in store! My boyfriend and I will be moving in together soon where we'll have our own art studio space together where we can run my business together, seeing as we both have the awesome equipment the other person needs. I'll be getting a new personal site going, getting even better organized, and pushing my art even further. I want to continue improving and pushing myself outside my comfort zone

Keep an eye out! Lots of awesomeness to come :D

My Life Lately


26 January 2015 at 19:36:30 MST

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    It was lovely to say hello to you briefly!

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      Likewise! Sorry I couldn't talk more XD;