Emergency Commissions Opening Right Now, Please Read! by QuetzaDrake

Hello, so, I'm opening up for emergency commissions. Today I kinda found out I'm down about $800 I THOUGHT I had, but it turns out, because my mom was in the hospital and recovering at home for a week and a half at the end of December/beginning of this month, she didn't get nearly as big a paycheck as she usually would for most of this month. Because she has a good amount of debts and bills to pay each month, the money to pay those came out of my account, and it's a ton lower than I thought it was, to the point that I gotta do this.

I'm opening up for some relatively quick commissions in order to sustain myself for the next two weeks until Patreon money is collected for January and things get more back-on-track finanicially in the house. So, here's how it'll go:

I'm opening up for 10 slots of full-style commissions, one character each, for $25 each. These will be lineart with color and cel-shading and maybe a very simple background, if not just a gradient or filler or something. I want to keep these simple so they can be done somewhat quickly, so I'd prefer non-complex poses and ideas and so forth where possible. I might consider combining two slots into one if you really desperately need a two-character commission, but again, I'd prefer simplicity. You can also feel free to get a character that you don't own (including my own) provided you have the permission of the owner. Also, of course, these can be adult and maybe even fetish-y if you want (again, simple, we can talk about it briefly).

So if you're interested you can comment here or Note me or e-mail me at quetzadrake[at]yahoo.com with the following little form and information:

Name/Site: (your username and the site you use it on)
Description: (what you want, i.e. your character, what their pose is, expression/emotion, words if you want dialogue, etc.)
Reference Image(s): (at least one reference of the character you want drawn)

I'm also going to do something I normally never do since this is mildly dire circumstances: I'm gonna ask you to pay up-front. Normally I never ask for your money until after the sketch phase, but since funds are going to go into my Paypal and it takes several days for it to transfer to my bank account, I should probably get this emergency funding into there as quick as possible.

So yeah, again, if you'd like a slot, give me some version of that form and comment here, email, Note, PM, send it however to me and I'll talk with you about it and hammer out details before asking you to send over payment. These will be done over the following week as quickly as possible.

Again, thanks!

  1. s.i.c.k.
  2. bigcatguy
  3. bigcatguy
  4. bbgjk
  5. bbgjk
  6. jclockeiguana
  7. EmbraerERJ195
  8. paranoidnikki
  9. sapphireamoerlevad
  10. nikaro

Emergency Commissions Opening Right Now, Please Read!


26 January 2015 at 19:08:52 MST

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