Lucasarts catalogue now available on! by starforge

They've got everything from TIE Fighter and X-wing (both the DOS and Windows 98 versions!) to Age of Empires 2 skin Galactic Battlegrounds and everyone's favorite arcade shooter, the legendary Rogue Squadron. Not into Star Wars? Then play the great adventure games they put out like Grim Fandango or the Secret of Monkey Island! Don't worry about that Special Edition title; no annoying alterations here! Just optimization for new PCs and near-perfect emulation of the classics.

I've been hoping that these titles would see the light of day again. I was pretty much exclusively Lucasarts-raised on the videogame front, and the fact that even after death their awesome work is still perpetuated and able to be enjoyed again is just phenomenal for me. Even after experiencing the wide world of gaming, I still consider these game to be gems, and I encourage anybody with half an interest in what they see to check it out. It's a great little corner of gaming, and more folks should be able to experience it.

Lucasarts catalogue now available on!


22 January 2015 at 15:33:31 MST

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