So I've been banned on FA. by KingBuffalo

Funny thing about it all, is that it's over something that's long overdue.

Mature lock evasion. I'm 19 and they're just now permanently banning me over it.

Someone squealed because they were upset about a debate we had in my stream. It's whatever.

FA has a very toxic community as a whole. I meant to migrate over here for good a while ago.

So I've been banned on FA.


22 January 2015 at 13:30:45 MST

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    I just found this site, and I am gonna transfer my stuff over here as soon as possible. I'll stick with DA for a while, as I got many friends there, but no doubt I will get a ban sooner or later (or get all my stuff put in storage).

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      I only have about...3 or 4 old deviantART friends. The rest weren't worth my time.

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    WAAAAAAHT eyes explode >:V

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    Man who the hell doesn't mature lock evade?

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      someone was salty. it's all good, people still know where I am.


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    weird i just looked at your page and it says suspened, not banned though. @.@ Either way it sucks what they did, still support ya to the end <3

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    Wow, dafuq? And what is the amount of time specified?

    I'll see what I can do.

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      They didn't give me a time specified.

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        So here's the scoop: It is a permanent ban not because of your age, but because it was an 'evasion' account. You can appeal through your original account.

        "Evasion accounts are permanently suspended by default; they can go to their original account if they wish to appeal through the ticket system.

        There really is nothing I can help you with through this ticket. If Blaq wants to appeal their suspension, they will have to do so themselves."

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    Really? -_-

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    Well I feel late to the party since I'm not here much, but now
    I see why I haven't seen your stuff there lately. :/ Sorry that happened to you, yo.