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It's a lot of work putting together an event of this size, so we are happy for all the help we can get. When you register, you can check off a box which marks you as being interested in doing volunteer work during the convention. In which case you may find yourself occasionally getting grabbed when someone on the NFC staff or crew needs an extra paw with a task. Volunteering this way is an easy way to show your interest in helping during the convention.

However, certain departments are almost always on the look-out for volunteers prior to the convention. Either for doing pre-convention work, or to prepare for the work that needs to be done at the convention. They're listed below, and if you believe you could be an asset to them we encourage you to get in touch.

• There's the Security Department, which can be reached at They generally make sure everyone is safe, that no non-attendees wander around the convention. Perfect for those who like looking out for others and keeping the peace, and who can keep their cool in a heated situation.

• There's the Medic Department, which can be reached at Do you like taking care of others when they need help, and do you have prior experience with first aid? Send them an e-mail and ask if you can offer your services.

• If you are more the artistic type, there's the Media Department at They deal with all manners of things that require artwork, such as PR, website content, as well as the conbook. They would be happy to hear from you!

• Likewise there's the Decorations Department at They make the hotel look pretty and suitable for the convention's theme. They're also happy for artwork, and people who want to help with the actual crafts and getting everything up.

It's a way to help give something back to the convention, helping to improve the convention-going experience for others, and it's even a good way to meet and interact with new people. So why not give it a thought? While it can involve a lot of work, the warm fuzzy feeling you will get from a job well done will no doubt make it all worth it in the end.

Working for NordicFuzzCon


21 January 2015 at 14:48:55 MST

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