Post FC 2015 - Panel and More by farorenightclaw

FC was fantastic! I had a great time and it was so nice to see so many people. I managed to help out with con stuff, and it was super awesome to see so many people wearing the con shirts - I drew the design for them! I love seeing people wear and display my art.

CassioBunny is still working on her kidney stone, sleeping as much as possible and drinking tons of water. Thanks to everyone who's sent well-wishes, I'm passing them on and we both appreciate the kind thoughts and words.

My commission to-do list has been updated and can be viewed here:

If you missed my panel, or just want to read the text of my speech (at least, what I wrote out for myself; there may be some differences between when I wrote and what I actually said out loud), you can find it here: Big thanks to everyone who came, asked questions, participated in the discussion, and all that. Yall are awesome!

Looking forward to FC 2016! And BLFC 2015 and MFF 2015 before that. See yall around!

Post FC 2015 - Panel and More


21 January 2015 at 14:04:00 MST

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