Vimana Incident Update by Threetails

I meant to say that the first pre-production proofs of "The Vimana Incident" are out. They look good!

The text itself is nearly what it needs to be and will probably only need minor edits for the most part. However, those three friends I gave the remaining 3 of the 4 proofs that were printed will receive a .pdf of the full, updated text.

As for who I gave the copies to I will not say who they are to avoid drama. They were all either present at the con and spent a good bit of time with me or met up with me elsewhere in San Jose and I apologize to those friends of mine I didn't have a copy for; it was all very spur-of-the-moment and made for a great series of gifts for some cool people who made the con memorable for me.

As for the final release date, it's still just a bit up in the air but it's looking like Furry Fiesta is possible. I need to sit down with it some time (probably next Friday and Saturday) and make a few final adjustments.

Incidentally, Furplanet's manuscripts are much better edited than they used to be and it's giving me some direction to make my books even better as I begin to stray further from "safe" plots and take more chances with my work. I could write a book like "Cirrostratus" pretty easily nowadays but a book like "Vimana" has so many treads and so many nuances that keeping everything organized and knowing which nuances to draw attention to is a challenge for me.

On a related note, the Ursa Major Awards are open and I do have an eligible work. "Escape From St. Arned" is the sequel to "Basecraft Cirrostratus." "Cirrostratus" got nominated and I really think "St. Arned" needs to have a go. I didn't push "The Goldenlea" too hard because it wasn't as good but this book is arguably better than the first book. Those of you who have read it, please give it some consideration.

Vimana Incident Update


21 January 2015 at 01:54:44 MST

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