FC 2015 Meme by Dook

Well all in all FC2015 was a blast... I had a 1/2 Table along the back wall and oddly enough was situated next to a good artist friend of mine out here in the NE area Skulldog And we were on the same flight getting out TO the con itself... made for a nice time gabbing and catching up.

The con itself was fun... I was definitely more productive than I have been in ages... sadly I wasn't able to get as much done with things accepted on Sat that bled into Sunday... so I have several things I've taken home. I will be in touch with the folks whom I took work home with me & get things done/mailed out ASAP. I would like to be free of things to be ready for my upcoming trip back to TX to visit family & my birthday for TFF.

So thank you EVERYONE I enjoyed meeting new faces especially folks like Soulscape whom I shared a half table with... Davecko provided no end to amusement as well... and also enjoyed getting to meet and do a commission for Sampsonwoof... and woof I REALLY enjoyed the way the inked/toned sketch turned out. So if I did any art for you at the con I would greatly appreciate a scan if I didn't take a pic at the con itself.

Thanks again for the great memories and look forward to having a full table come next FC!

FC 2015 Meme


20 January 2015 at 18:43:16 MST

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    just wait TFF is coming up

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      I know... And I may make use of the offer of the 1/2 of your table... but I may just take pre-order badges & leave it to be picked up at the table & not sit at it at the con... :P