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Disappearance Excuses...Lol by Taelune

Basically to put it shortly, I haven't drawn anything worth submitting, just a bunch of half-assed sketches and WiPs. My doctor has me on some new meds and I have a hard time falling asleep at night and only really sleep during the day, so I might invest in a nightlight.

New meds are an antidepressant/anxiety combatant and some antibiotics.

I have also gotten back into WoW, been preparing for another visit from my husband (he'll be here on the 7th), and getting prepared to get a puppy! (Its supposed to be my Valentine's Day gift this year). I do not know what kind of puppy I'm getting, we're going to the humane society to get one, I only have to some requirements of the new has to be a girl, under a year old, and can't be more than 80lbs at the most when she's full-grown, and she has to be able to get along with cats, or at least be young enough to learn to get along with them.

A dog means less time on the pc, but maybe that's what I need to I can get some fresh new art ideas? Not to mention she can help me get over my fear of the public.

Disappearance Excuses...Lol


4 February 2013 at 17:58:56 MST

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    Aww, a puppy! <3 Sounds like she will be a great present for you.

    I have a hard time falling asleep too. I hope you get enough sleep, whatever time of day you do it.