FAQ 2015! by Caelan

This has been going around and I've enjoyed reading what others have had to say!

I re-named myself Sasha when I was like two years old and have gone by that ever since, but I also go by Caelan online. I just turned 27 this past week, and I live in Austin, TX, where I did most of my growing up. I live near the woods and try to get out there as often as I can manage it. I identify as male/non-binary, and prefer male pronouns, but 'they' is okay too. I transitioned to male in the middle of college and have been incredibly fortunate in the support received. Orientation-wise, I identify as demi for the most part. I'm generally more attracted to non-binary people and men, though it's more about the person than anything. I've never actually dated, but that's okay-- I am kind of a workaholic anyway. I'm also into social justice and environmental issues, though I tend to read and think about that more than I really talk about it I guess?

I went to school at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where I studied Illustration. In the last couple years of school, I wound up getting really into concept art for games, which I had had an interest in but was really inspired by a super cool professor. I also took some classes in the Sequential Arts (comics) which was awesome. I graduated the year before last, spent a year working in a studio at a multimedia solution company, and then quit to pursue freelance... sort of making my way full circle back to fantasy illustration, more than concept art. Right now I'm sort of in the last mile of portfolio work and studies, just trying to land my first freelance gigs and getting commissions going!

I have a few personal projects and one really prominent headworld, which I refer to under the working title Firebloods. This is where most of my personal characters are from, and the origin of those avian dragons you may have seen me do here and there. Eventually, Firebloods will probably be a fantasy book trilogy, with maybe a few short story comics along the side, and whatever illustrations I can't help but do for it! This illustration is one of the previews I have of the world thus far and gives a decent summary in the description. I don't talk about it enough, but this project is sort of a Big Deal to me, and getting it done is kind of a primary mission of my life.

I'm historically pretty shy and easily intimidated by people I think are cool, but I am really making an effort to put myself out there and interact more! So if you ever have any questions, feel free to ask, I don' t bite.

Can I use your art?
Please ask! It really depends on the circumstances, but usually no, unless I made it for you.

Do you do requests?
No, sorry!

Do you do trades?
Sometimes! Depends on the person and what my current workload is.

Can we collab?
Again, depends on the person and my workload.

Are you open for commissions?
Almost always! I'm going to be a bit limited the next few months, but there is still time to get in a commission before then. You can always shoot me an email and see where I am with things.

Can I create a character in your headworld?
I'd be touched if anyone had this thought, but honestly the world is just not complete enough yet for it. Maybe at some point in the future I'll have things together enough and have enough public info for this to make sense.

FAQ 2015!


15 January 2015 at 13:10:30 MST

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