Twitter, FC, Raccoons and Otters, oh my! by Feyala

Are you following me on Twitter yet? I post WIPs and daily life stuff there, and update much more frequently than I do anywhere else. It's not everybody's cup of tea but I'm liking it so far!

If you missed the last few things I've uploaded, I'll be at FC starting on Thursday and checking out Monday morning. Yay! I won't have a table but you can find some of my pendants for sale with Meirro in the artist alley, check 'em out!

Other big news is that I have two new blanks up as bases for commissions! Follow-me otters are based on a modified follow-me canine blank, and can be used to make skunks, weasels, ferrets, and more! Examples are coming soon.

I also finally posted the raccoon blank that I made months ago! I may modify it to make a red panda or bear, we'll see!

On the horizon I plan on modifying the follow-me base to make cats, hyenas and bears. I also have a lot of LED lights and would like to make flickering eye and/or sound reactive versions of these, but I need to do some R&D first.

Once I get back from FC I'll be adding stuff to Etsy (or possibly testing out Square Market, I haven't decided), including blank casts of everything I offer for you to paint your own if you want! I'll have an option to include pendant disk blanks with the relief-style badges, and all casts will be sanded with the flashing removed and all pinholes patched with apoxie. I haven't decided on a price point, but I am thinking around $15 shipped in the continental US.

If you are waiting on a commission from me: I'm sorry it's taken so long! I've finally got my health stuff mostly worked out and will be plowing through my backlog over the coming weeks now that I feel like I can actually be functional and productive again! My commissions from RF are about half-done. I also have another pendant, a sculpture, a large mosaic, and a fursuit(!) that I need to finish, as well as some digital art. The pendants should be done (hopefully!) before February, and I am looking to have my queue fully empty by the time I head to BLFC at the latest.

2015 is shaping up to be a very busy year for me, and I'm glad that '14 has been kicked to the curb. My last year felt like the part of a caterpillar's life cycle where they form a cocoon and turn into goo, I'm hoping that means that this year I'll get to be a butterfly.

Hope everything's been going well for you guys! :)

Twitter, FC, Raccoons and Otters, oh my!


12 January 2015 at 21:51:15 MST

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