TFF? BLFC? Other stuff in 2015? by Ruggy

I'm bad at posting journals on Weasyl! Whoops.

But anyway, throwin' a journal out there to see who's going to what in 2015! Because I'm either definitely going to or have a strong interest in:


  • Texas Furry Fiesta! My boyfriend and I have a room in the hotel.

  • Biggest Little Furcon! My boyfriend and I also have a room in the hotel there.

  • Oklacon. Don't think registration is even open for 2015 yet but I had a blast in 2014 and would love to go back!

NON FURRY THINGS: (don't figure there's a whole lot of locals on Weasyl going to these but hey)

  • Wakarusa 2015 / Bonnaroo 2015! My biggest undertaking of the year; my boss gave me the go ahead to work on the road while I turn this into a two-week road trip. Aw yiss. I saved my pennies and bought a ticket / main venue camping pass for Waka and a ticket for Bonnaroo. Boyfriend miiight be coming to Bonnaroo.

  • Myschievia! Too early in the year to register for this but I would absolutely love to go back home again.

If you happen to be going to any of these, gimme a shout! I'd love to say hi to folks. :)

TFF? BLFC? Other stuff in 2015?


12 January 2015 at 12:34:14 MST

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    Well, I won't be in the Artist's Alley or anything this year but I do intend to be around at BLFC, since the GSR is a regular haunt for myself and my partner; we were going to go and maybe meet up with a friend, people watch, generally enjoy the craziness that conventions invariably bring. We literally live only 10 minutes away from the casino, hah.

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      Cool! I've never been to BLFC but my boyfriend has a lot of friends that go and bought us both plane tickets (otherwise I wouldn't be able to go.) The go-karting looks fun! I'm pretty excited to go.

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        We went to meet up with a friend back in 2013 but never went last year. The GSR has a ton of other stuff in the casino, like restaurants, a bowling alley, discount cinema and a really kickass arcade with a laser tag arena. And of course, the Ultimate Rush park.

        We're locals, so if you were inclined to wander about outside of the casino we could always show you were some of the awesome shops and tourist traps are! Reno I admit is kind of confusing to navigate for those unfamiliar with our borked road system.

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          I love laser tag! I am terrible at it, but I still love it.

          Thank you for the offer! We may take you up on that. I've never been to Reno and I like exploring new cities. :)

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            Yeah I'm pretty terrible at it too but that doesn't stop me haha.

            No problem! When it gets closer to May and you might still be interested in a meet up, drop me a line so we can see if we can set something up; I check my messages here regularly.

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    I'll be at TFF! I'm not really from anywhere near the area, but I have an old friend that does that I haven't seen in a while so I'm going this year. It'd be cool to meet you!

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      Hell yes! I'm local but decided that driving back and forth every night sucked (it still took me like an hour each way). It'd be cool to meet you too! I can shoot a message your way with what color my hair is gonna be, I tend to be easy to spot in most crowds. ;P

      Thanks for the note on the doublepost, btw. Removed the extra journal.