FC 2015 Meme, Do's & Don'ts! by farorenightclaw

And again, the big fat meme that grew out of a journal i unthinkingly titled 'the Official' Anthrocon Journal. Woops! This one's for FC 2015!


What is your gender? Masculine agender. My pronouns are HE, HIM, HIS, but it/its works too.
What do you look like? Heavyish, mohawk, red glasses, DFAB so vaguely feminine-shaped, short. Otherwise look for the black, pink and yellow caiman fursuit (Charcoal).
How old are you? 28
How tall are you? slightly less than 5'4"
How would you describe yourself? Friendly, outgoing, cheerful, but with anxiety and therefore limited social energy. Attached at the hip to cassiobunny.
Are you taken? Yes, I am life partners with cassiobunny and hailbop (who will both be there), and have some other found family besides, all of whom are awesome.
Are you nice? I try to be! I clam up sometimes but it's my own issue, not anything you're doing (if it is, I'll tell you). I'm twitchy and kinda dorky.
Are you cliquey? Sort of because of anxiety, I'll always have a loved one in tow in case of panic attacks and other nasties. They are nice people though and the presence of a caretaker doesn't mean I won't be friendly to you also!
You like shinies? Does anyone NOT like shinies?


Can I talk about/do drugs in front of you? I do not care. I like smoke breaks, if that counts, and can be persuaded to go out and brave the outside world for some delicious cloves.
Can I invite you out for food/fun/etc? You may, but don't be offended if I can't make it.
Can I come with you for food/fun/etc? If you're invited! And you can always ASK to be invited. Just don't be offended if the answer is no - FC is the only place I see some of my friends and i might be going off for alone time with them.
Can I talk to you? Yes! I don't hear well though, and can't easily follow topics that don't make sense to me, so if I look baffled or don't react you might want to check in before continuing to talk xD
Can I give you stuff? Sure! I'll usually try to give you something back if i can, even if it's just a quick sketch. I like stuffed kitties (mostly tigers) and crocodiles, candy, and artwork :D
Can I hug you? If you are a person I like to hug, you will already know. If you aren't sure, a handshake is better :> Please don't ever touch me without warning, however, I am extremely easily started.
Can I hug your friends? If you don't mind the possibility of not getting your arms back afterward. You might want to ask them first.
Can I cuddle with you? Please don't. Unless I say, 'please cuddle me!' or something of the sort. Even if we are normally very touchy I tend to get quite jumpy at cons and I don't want any hurt feelings :C
Can I flirt with you? If you want to try. If you suck at it you will be doomed to the Blank Stare of Fail.
Can I stalk you? No. Stalking is illegal.
Are there any words I shouldn't use around you? I'd greatly appreciate it if you avoided rape jokes. It's probably a good idea around everybody, actually, unless you KNOW it's okay, since a lot more people have sexual assault in their pasts than most people realize or would ever want to think about, and I don't think ANYBODY ever sets out intending to trigger flashbacks, yeah? So better to just avoid it.
Can I buy you drinks? I like caffeinated drinks in general space and bloody marys when I'm at the bar. I also like water, because i never stay hydrated enough at cons, argh.
Can I ask you to dance? I like dancing!
Attending parties? Not really much of a partier. You can invite me to one if you want though!
Can I buy you food sometime? Sure! I don't eat seafood (OTHER THAN SUSHI OMG), most other stuff is nomalicious.
Can I make plans with you? If I'm free! And if you actually follow through on them.
Can I visit you in your room? Ask me in person! Don't be offended if I say no.
Can I take a picture of you? In fursuit, sure! Out of fursuit, please ask first.
If I see you, how should I get your attention? If you're having a hard time getting my attention, get one of my companions' attention in the usual way and they'll prod me back to reality for you.
How can I find you? I'll be wandering around the main con space, as well as doing a panel on Monday afternoon, and spending some time at the Dragon's Hoard dealer's table.


Do you do free art/free anything? I might set up camp in con space and do free sketches, but unless i have the sign up, please don't ask for free art.
Will you have art in the Art Show? Yes, a few pieces.
Will you be in the Alley? No.
Can I look through your art? I don't usually have much art with me. I'll probably have an examples binder when I'm at the Dragon's Hoard table though!
Do you have originals for sale? In the Art Show!
Can I draw in your sketchbook? Please ask first.
Are there limits to what you will draw? I won't be doing anything other than sketches and inks. Other than that, I will draw pretty much anything, though certain topics are a no-no when i'm sitting in public space. Feel free to ask, however!


Where are you staying? In the con hotel; I don't use my room for much other than sleep so you don't really need to know more than that x)
Who will you be rooming with? cassiobunny cassiobunny, hailbop hailbop, ikani ikani & visky visky.
Who will you be hanging out with? Mostly the people i'm rooming with, though I hope to be pestering some other folks besides!
Major plans at the con: Hang out, have fun, draw, sell art, fursuit, and smother my loved ones with, er, love!
Fursuit(s): Charcoal the caiman, as well as my jackal gasmask. I'll also be handling now and then for cassiobunny cassiobunny, in Second Second the glitterpanda!

The do's and don'ts!

Do come say hello! I try my best to be approachable, but I draw with my nose about 1/2" from the paper, especially if I've forgotten my glasses, or I might be wearing a mask, so please don't let that put you off! I like meeting everyone :3

Do bring me treats if you want to! I can be coerced to do a little monkey dance (or a silly doodle, or a 20 minute 'thank you' speech) for such bountiful gifts as: Canadian or Mexican coca cola, soda of most any kind, caffeinated candy, gift art, and food.

Do respect my personal space! I know it's a con and it's loud and crowded and you might have to lean closer than normal for me to hear you, especially as I don't hear too good anyway, but please behave appropriately to the amount of time I have known you - strangers do not get to touch without permission!!

Do understand that I have a TERRIBLE memory! Generally I keep track of you lot via icons, so I might not recognize you by your name alone ;_; and I can't put names to faces worth a damn. I'm sorry, I can't help it, and it's not ever intended to hurt feelings, it's just the way I am.

Do speak up! I can't hear you, I'm old and deaf dammit! However...

Please don't yell ;_; I have a phobia of loud noises, please do not be offensively loud around me or you will have a very jumpy and irritable Kit on your hands.

Please don't touch me without asking. I am not a huggy person, I prefer handshakes. No scritches, no tickles, no random back massages, AND FOR CHRISSAKES NO GROPING. NOT EVEN IF YOU'RE WEARING A FURSUIT. I will report you to con security if you cross the line; I'm fiercely protective of my bodily autonomy and personal space.

Please don't set your food or drinks down near or on the art. Think about how bad you would feel if a passerby knocked your soda with their elbow and it went all over my sketchbook. Or me. I tend to do this to myself at least once a con. I don't need help making a mess ;_;

Please don't sneak up on me. You will get punched. I startle easy and my first instinct is defense. Or crying. Either way, it's not a good idea. Just saying 'hey, I'm here' before interacting with me, if I'm not facing you, is simple enough :3

Please don't be a stranger. I want to meet everybody!!!!!

Overall: I have issues and I'm somewhat easy to stress out. However, you can avoid aggravating them by just being a decent person and by not behaving any differently than you would at your job or on the street; just because it's a furry con doesn't mean the rules of social interaction suddenly disappeared ;;

Oh, and obligatory: DON'T BE A WIENER 8D

Let me know if you're going!

FC 2015 Meme, Do's & Don'ts!


12 January 2015 at 09:53:35 MST

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