Migration nearly complete/Art flood by sirkain

Heya folks,

I know I haven't been active here much at all, or on any art site in a handful of months. why? besides holidays and wok being busy I didn't want to upload any new stuff until i got most if not all my FA submissions migrated over here. And as of now 580 of the 800ish files total (counting gallery and scrap folders) made it here tonight with the help of Kitashi's Art Gallery Manager program I was able to kick and patch and tweak enough to work to get the files here. Their hyperlinks and such will need tweaking but it did so, so much of the dirty work for me.

And since most of it is here, and soon all of it will be, expect to see me be much more active here. FA I am not leaving forever, but its not going to be my 'home', so to speak anymore as far as art gallery sites go. For the time being if you want to see most of the FA gallery I had, look in the "Imported from FA" folder of mine. slowly I will move them to other folders but have a look. See what you think if never seen them before!

Migration nearly complete/Art flood


10 January 2015 at 21:50:18 MST

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