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Weekly Free Request Raffles! (Coming Soon) by DiscordMelody

Hey everyone, I got another little annoucement. Now that Night 1 is coming to an end, I know that it will take a few weeks before Night 3 is completely sketched. And I also know alot of you are asking me about requests and art trades. And because I was so busy with Night 1 and commissions, I had no time to do them. Now here's the annoucement. The day after I post the last page of Night 1, I will be doing a weekly raffle for requests. I will post a journal about it next Tuesday. Anyone who wants one will be given a number. Only 1 number per person. Which means if you ask for one on Furaffinity, then you go to Inkbunny and ask again, you won't get a second one. I will be checking to see if people ask twice, thrice or more than that. I do manage multiple pages, so I will be checking. The days to enter will be on every Tuesday and Wednesday (ending at 12:00am EST Thursday morning), and the drawing will take place Thursday morning. During the weekend, I'll work on the requests and they will be posted on either Sunday or Monday. There will only be 4 winners a week. The winners one request will be flat base colored. They can be swf and/or nsfw! I will keep doing these weekly requests until it's time for Night 3 to be posted. And I will keep doing this sequence, unless posted otherwise. The requests are not open yet. You have to wait a little while longer. ^^ I will not, again, will not do art trades. I hope you guys are excited about this, because I am! Have a wonderful day! Thanks for reading!
REQUESTS: CLOSED (5 more days until Weekly Request Raffle)
ART TRADE: I DO NOT DO ART TRADES (I owe only one art trade)

Weekly Free Request Raffles! (Coming Soon)


8 January 2015 at 13:44:31 MST

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