The Death of John Hancock by Dreamkeepers

If you were planning on acquiring signed copies of Dreamkeepers in the near future, be sure to read on.

The good news: I'm booking on Volume 4, shading a page a day. "Descent to the Archives" is half done, and rolling towards completion.

The bad news: Hitting that quota is kneecapping my online upkeep. E-mails and art account notes tend to languish. Apologies to anyone awaiting reply- I will get on top of things, eventually. But for now- colors.

The fact is, there's increasingly more to do as Dreamkeepers and Vivid grow. To stay on task with creating content, I've got to start delegating.

First on the list: Order fulfillment.

When people buy Dreamkeepers books I log their info, package the book, and jog off to the post office to mail it. I do customer service relating to orders, tackling any stray delivery snafu that may arise.

Over the years we have hand-packaged literally thousands of books, to dozens of nations around the globe, working individually with hundreds of customers.

That's fulfilling on a deep level- seeing my work through from pencil, to print, to the post office, where I personally mail it to another excited reader.

But as we grow, packaging is eating more and more of my time.

So Vivid will begin selling its books through Amazon. More time for me to create, faster delivery to readers- what's not to like?

Well, the downside is we'll no longer be offering personalized orders. The option to buy a sharpie-signed and doodled graphic novel will vanish.

Signed copies are currently for sale in our store here:

If you have your heart set on one, the time to snag it is now. The Paypal buttons are scheduled to expire in February, when we finalize the switch to Amazon.

We'll still offer signed editions during pre-orders / Kickstarters for new book releases- possibly including earlier titles. But between Kickstarter releases, conventions will be the only other place to acquire signed books.

Ye have been warned! Now I must return to my sparkles- I'll break to make a new V4 Sneak Peek once I finish another scene...

The Death of John Hancock


8 January 2015 at 13:33:41 MST

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