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Howdy, good day.

Have any of you tried the monoprice brand of those things? I encountered a heap of hype about them a while ago* but wonder if I can get a personal recommendation. Or for something else.

What I have now is a 9x12 inch Intuos little3 type tablet. I bought it used for [$175, it turns out], and by this point I suppose it has paid for itself, and I look forward to being done with it. Considering that I drew digitally exclusively with a mouse for 15 years, and continued whenever the tablet felt too dumb to work, I am attached to keyboard commands, and thus almost never use the tablet's programmable buttons, and suspect I could get by with a minimal-featured art tablet, provided it actually worked. Gorf even if it only worked half the time and did not need its power cord held in place a certain way with tape I would still come out ahead.

Almost a year ago I had a really stupid problem with my quackom tablet. With time, though, it went away, or became unobtrusive enough that I could make drawings with it and not yell at it. Two days ago it started happening again. Two days ago we also had the first truly unpleasant cold weather of the season. Or actually yesterday we did, but maybe the tablet could sense the barometric pressure or something like that. In any event the problem is worse than before and clearly beyond an obvious solution at my end. I do not intend to wait until the end of winter in mid-May and see if it feels better.

*when i tried to use tumblr, but since I had no clue who this mass-forward barrage was quoting or what the writers did with their time artwise, since all I could find on their pages were more asinine reblogs, the information was nearly worthless.

about replacing one's art tablet


8 January 2015 at 12:27:20 MST

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    I have not personally used one of the monoprice tablets (yet), but I have heard very good things about them from close friends, and seen the high quality artworks they create using such tablets!

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      Might you link me at one of those art works?

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    Look at people's comments on my journal here. You don't have to read the journal. In it I said I was going to finally get a tablet an was looking for recommendations: https://www.weasyl.com/journal/73289/i-m-going-multimedia-changes-to-my-posting

    I still have not shopped for one yet.

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      There are a few comments in the notes on the tumblr post: http://transparasite.tumblr.com/post/105593564032

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        I am surprised by how many companies and brands there are for these things. I probably should not be, and competition is probably good. I wish I knew more people in person who did anything art related.

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      Thank you! I might be overthinking the problem. The only computer item I have consistently had problems with have been printers, and I never actually bought one on my own. Everything else I was able to rule out the truly awful options for before buying, and then got decent use from.

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        I am overwhelmed too. I just need to stop being perfectionistic about this and pick one knowing full well it might have problems and that is the cost of starting.