No More Internet For Me by WindWolf

Yesterday evening my mom finally cancelled our Comcast so I've had to haul my operations downstairs so I can connect to our Google Fiber (which I'm really starting to hate) via Ethernet. So I'm connected at least, but I have virtually no space to put my laptop, monitor so I can use my laptop, and tablet. I even cleaned off the desk I have to use now and there is still no room for me to work.

Imagine having a tiny space to use a 10X14" tablet, so you have to hold your hand at an awkward angle and you can't extend your arm to the side, and there is also a laptop taking up space on your other side. Now DRAW!

...Yeah. So here's a little head's up for ya; it has become very very very difficult for me to work on digital art, it is not entirely impossible, however, it's just uncomfortable. So if you start to notice a decline in my art quality that might by why.

What I need to do is call Google Fiber and get someone to fix whatever the heck is wrong so I can use our wireless again, I just really hate calling people and I've been putting it off. I'll try to take care of it soon though, and hopefully they'll be able to fix the problem. Until then I might not upload a whole lot of art since it's just really difficult for me to work right now where I am.

No More Internet For Me


8 January 2015 at 11:35:54 MST

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    Alright. Better not to draw than to draw when you hate having to do it, anyway. Hopefully it's not too hard to fix, when you get around to it.

    Until then! *resumes lurking*

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    Do what I did. Get a lengthy Ethernet cable and just run it up to where you need it. Might be a little intrusive but it's an option.