FC meme etc. by MothMonarch

Abridged as usual for easier reading 'n stuff. (I forgot to put this up on Weasyl a couple days ago, so you get it now!)

Staying Thursday through late-ish Sunday at the main hotel. getting there by the miracle of air travel mostly.

With ElrondDrakendil ElrondDrakendil and in association with many other excellent people

Artist status: Art show, yes! Unique prints and new originals - under "Nyomi Naomh" for the last time. Tabling, no. I am WILD AND FREE in California. There will probably be dancing. I don't really go to room parties.

I can do shop order deliveries for a couple people if desired! Poke me to arrange if interested. 8x10 and larger prints not eligible, sorry!

Find me mostly through Twitter (MothMonarch) or by spotting a small human with a very large badge.

You can talk to me! I am friendly! Pictures are generally okay if you ask. Please do not touch me unless you know you have standing permission. Kthanks.

Foodtimes are generally for friends! I have many people to catch up with. Also I cannot accept any unsealed/homemade food items, soz!

Con goal is RECHARGE. I'm burning the candle from like four different spots trying to get all my shit together in time. The plane is going to be adult naptime at this rate. Let's have a con that's full of wonderful and excellent and amazing things! Hup!

Thank you all for your feedback on the situation with the charms. I will be considering your comments very carefully for some time before announcing any kind of decision.

I had a few of you interested in commission work and will have active availability starting near the end of the month through the spring. Please feel free to note/email me so we can get your projects ready to go! I'm tackling things harder and faster than ever and want to make loads of cool stuff for you guys this year!

P.S. I am juggling FC prep with the few remaining sculpt things. In the event I am not able to finish the sculpts before I leave, they will be the first things I finish when I return home. I haven't forgotten you guys, promise! It's just bonkers around here right now.

FC meme etc.


7 January 2015 at 18:08:42 MST

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