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Sorry for the lack of updates by Zekromite

Well, belated Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and stuff. My computer has been passing for roughs times. Since November my computer was being a jerk of slow and freezing hiccups and around the 10th of December it ceased to work. I have been without a working computer since then, until January 1st in which I managed to get (with the help of family and boyfriend) a nice new screen and cool GPU that can endure my punishment. But, some days later and until today, internet died on my building. Today the cable guys got here and spotted the problem, a wire that was "sulfatated" (I don't know the proper English word but is when suddenly wires and powercells starts to decay and develop a lumpy whitish rust).

So, now that I have a working computer, I'm doing 3D practices as usual, advancing small projects and such. I'll upload some of them in the while.

Oh I also forgot to mention that I received a baby lovebird, around 12 days old (now 17 days old). He gets almost all of my attention nowadays, ha ha ha...

Sorry for the lack of updates


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