I have made one of the hardest decisions in my life. I have decided to quit a harmful addiction: DeviantArt, Furaffinity, Sofurry, and Weasy. On 31 January 2015, I intend to deactivate all of my accounts on these sites. I have felt for a long time that these "communities" are a major source of unwanted stress. Why am I giving everybody this heads-up? well, (1) I don't want everybody to wonder where or why I disappeared and (2) deep down, I actually hope something will convince me to stay (but I've already decided I won't let that happen).
Why, exactly, am I leaving?
1) FAILED HOPES. These sites have been the vehicles for my ambition and, thus, the means by which my hopes and delusions of grandeur blossomed into utter disappointment. I had also hoped that people on an art website would CHATarrow-10x10.png intellectually about art. But it seems that 21st-century humans (including myself) are just too retarded for that. We instead make silly comments such as: "He's sexy", "Nice" or some other stuff. My art has remained amateur and, it seems, will continue to be so.
2) PEOPLE. I get far to attached to people, and then I get hurt when we disagree. This then weighs on my mind and haunts me whenever I am reminded of them, as the "communities" will invariably do. I also become "...unevenly yoked with unbelievers..." (2 Corinthians 6:14), which is a strain on my spirituality and patience.
3) FURRY FANDOM. I like anthros, but I hate this "Furry fantasy world" that everybody has built for themselves. Just like I enjoy Star Trek Voyager, but I wouldn't dress up as a Borg...
4) NO MATERIAL BENEFIT. I have not been hired or received any money due to my artworks on DeviantArt or any of the other sites.
5) DEPRESSION. The aforementioned stressors exacerbate my depression.
These are some of the reasons. If you hate me because of them, see number 2: PEOPLE. Plus, this is better than suicide.
As this is a "Goodbye" journal, I wish to take this opportunity to thank those people who were kind and supportive. At the same time, though, their support got me to stay and torture myself... pros and cons everywhere... But I am grateful to them nevertheless.
I must also thank everyone I have argued with over the years for helping me to see how harmful it is for me to be involved on these sites. I'd like to name them (so nthat they can get notified about this journal), but I don't want people to abuse them on my account.
You may think that there must be alternatives:
2) JUST DISABLE COMMENTS. I want to feel some worth, swo when I post art, I want to know what people think of it.
3) KEEP YOUR ACCOUNT TO CHECK MESSAGES. The temptation to get involved would be too great.
But don't worry, I'll still be able to check out artwork. Just not comment, argue, or "fave" it.
If, however, leaving DOESN'T improve my mood, THEN I might return.
I'll still be active until 31/1/2015, so feel free to send your hate-mail.



7 January 2015 at 04:41:50 MST

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